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Q&A with ‘All for a Promise’ author Vrishali Jain

Vrishali Jain is a talented writer who has written for the last two anthologies and for various radio channels in India. Originally from Kanpur, India, she now calls Sydney home, busily working as a producer at SBS Hindi. 'All for a promise' is an inspiring tale of a community-led tree conservation movement in New Delhi. Her story chronicles the courageous women who fought against the destruction of the forests. The Chipko movement became well known for the peaceful protest, of women creating physical barriers and hugging the trees.

Q&A with ‘Tis Already In’ artist Yasodara Puhule-Gamayalage

Sydney University student Yasodara shares her inspiration behind her beautifully creative artwork 'Tis Already In'. She is a painter and music composer who expresses herself on canvas as a person of colour and a member of a generation united in eco-anxiety.

Q&A with ‘2100 – a true story’ author Vivienne Reiner

Vivienne is currently studying a Masters of Sustainability at Sydney University, while also working as a media advisor for the university. She has previously worked in public relations for non-for-profit organisations such as Greenpeace and Landcare Australia, and was also a reporter and freelancer for The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Green and G Magazine.

Q&A with ‘Tuning In’ comic artist Sophie Zhou

Sydney University student Sophie Zhou shares a four part comic series about a conversation with a snail. The story begins to unfold among the grass, dirt and flowers. The snail introduces the reader to their friend worm who teaches the reader about earthworms.

Q&A with ‘Catastrophe Averted’ painter Jennifer Scarini

Jennifer is an alumni of Sydney University, who studied a Master of Special and Inclusive Education. She know works with high school students who have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Here Jennifer explains the inspiration behind her artwork 'Catastrophe Averted', and why climate change is such an important topic to discuss.

Q&A with Charlotte Lim

Charlotte Lim is an advocate of climate justice and animal rights. She spends her spare time volunteering at NSW Hen Rescue, an animal sanctuary dedicated to the liberation of all animals, especially caged hens.

Earth Cries, Climate Change and Animal Studies

Earth Cries is an impressive accomplishment. That it’s been done in a time of plague, with the great, choking fires still so fresh in our minds, and with all the pressures and strangeness of lockdown, makes it all the more so. The editors, contributors, Sydney University Press – Dr Karl, for his powerful and authoritative introduction – are all to be warmly thanked and congratulated. I’ve read the book from cover to cover. I’ve re-read several pieces. I’ve discovered writers and artists I’m sure I’ll encounter again as their careers develop.

Q&A with ‘Earth-Cry’ author Hannah Roux

Hannah is a poetry writer, studying English literature at Sydney University. She believe that the world is sacred, and it is our human duty to preserve and guard it as its stewards. The poems she has submitted in this years anthology are about that duty.

Q&A With ‘When the birds came back’ author Seth Robinson

If you were at the launch for Earth Cries last Friday, then you would have heard Sydney University student Seth Robinson read an excerpt from his piece 'When the birds came back'.

The Blue Mountains are Still Struggling after Australia’s Worst Fire Season

On Saturday 26 October 2019, what would be called a ‘mega blaze’ ignited in the Blue Mountains. The Gospers Mountain...