First published in 2007, the University of Sydney Anthology is an annual publication that showcases the creative works of staff, students and alumni of the University of Sydney. It is a yearly project run by students of the postgraduate publishing degree.

Living Twice (2023)

A collection of diverse and unique voices, the stories in Living Twice will take you on a journey through intriguing prologues and fulfilling epilogues. This anthology cradles the expressions of life itself: the rollercoaster that is growing up; experiences of loving and being loved; and the hope we hold for new beginnings.

Moments in Between (2022)

In a world of chaos, complications and controversy, it is these thoughts that calm, cultivate and connect. These pages contain the scribbles of pleasure, a look into the simplest of joys, the wildest of passions, found in the moments in between.

Networks (2021)

This anthology examines the ways we find joy in lockdown, keep people and places alive through memory, and search for connection in an increasingly digital age.

Earth Cries (2020)

From chilling predictions of the future, to tree conservation movements in India, to an exchange between Siri and Alexa on environmental sustainability, writers and artists from the Sydney University community give voice to experiences of climate change, nature and the environment.

Diversity (2019)

By exploring numerous experiences, from partying at Mardi Gras to being unapologetically Arabic, the 2019 Sydney University Student Anthology shows that diversity unites and enriches our lives.

Power (2018)

In stories, essays, images and poems, Sydney University’s talented writers and artists explore the intimate pulls of personal relationships and the violent tugs of political forces, presenting diverse and intriguing portrayals of power.

The Quotidian (2017)

The quotidian, the things we take for granted, can be extraordinary. Our daily lives can be art. Our typical routines can have a touch of magic in them; our hopes for the future can come to life, and the imaginary worlds we can create can become real.

Connections (2016)

In this anthology, upcoming artists from the University of Sydney explore what connects us with each other, and with the world we live in. It is a timely reminder that, if you look hard enough, everything is connected.

Imprint (2015)

Imprint is a collection of works about moments and ideas that leave an impression. This anthology explores the important, mundane, fleeting and lasting moments in life with heartwarming and heartbreaking nostalgia.

[Insert Text Here] (2014)

The unique creative pieces, poetry and photography selected for this anthology represent the myriad of experiences, emotions and the limitless imaginations of this student body.

Perspectives (2013)

A collection of short stories and poetry from students of the University of Sydney, collated and edited by students of the Masters of Publishing program.

Sparks (2012)

A fire kindling. The energy of industry. Sparks combines all this and more, through stories, poems, essays and photographs by twenty-six new writers and artists.

Read Me (2011)

Read Me will lead you from a tiny village in Eastern Europe to the emperors of China. You’ll meet peasants and kings. Sailors, lovers and brilliant inventors will cross your way. And once you’ve finished you’ll hear the pages whispering: ‘Read me again.’

Sandstone (2010)

Familiar buildings, favourite coffee carts, stone gargoyles, chalk-covered paths – all the same. The mind wanders, imagination takes over; thoughts become words, ideas blur into images. Student becomes creator.

Margins (2009)

Margins are just lines – lines on a page, lines we draw between ourselves and another person, or invisible lines on a map. These lines on a page represent the thoughts, lives and imaginations of Sydney University students.

Cellar Door (2008)

Take the passage through the cellar door, as the pages of this anthology lead you down dark steps into a room lit up with ideas, words and wonder. Skip across continents, see colour anew, dress in the costumes of loved ones or fall through the earth into a world below.

Threads (2007)

University of Sydney students contributed their work to this new anthology, and in their unique ways, each writer has taken up a strand of human fibre and woven it into the resulting stories, poems and essays.