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The University of Sydney Anthology is an annual publication that showcases the creative works of staff, students and alumni of the University of Sydney. It is a yearly project run by students of the postgraduate publishing degree. Each anthology features a foreword written by a renowned literary figure and is a great opportunity to get published and contribute to a discussion and creative exploration of important issues of our times.

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Our latest publication—Living Twice

All lives have two things in common: they begin and they end.

But within each life, there are thousands of little openings and little closings, all happening at once. The day you make the decision to move abroad; the moment a relationship comes to a close; the choice that changes the course of life as you know it. Through many twists and turns, from one passion, one person, one experience to the next, we live not just once, not even twice, but as many times as we may wish. A collection of diverse and unique voices, the stories in Living Twice will take you on a journey through intriguing prologues and fulfilling epilogues. This anthology cradles the expressions of life itself: the rollercoaster that is growing up; experiences of loving and of being loved; and the hope we hold for new beginnings.

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