2021 Sydney University Student Anthology






Networks of the Mind

I like to think of the mind as a network, a web of thoughts, ideas and memories that interconnect and weave together to create one whirring system. It is a network of ideas constantly buzzing between one thought and the next. We can often get lost in our mind as an insignificant thought can take you down a long and winding path that leads to great things or maybe just a dead end.

Community Protest – Writing Prompt

When I think of networks, I think of communities; the groups that we fit in with, sharing our experiences, values or beliefs. When communities and groups come together to protest, they can change minds, create action and produce networks.

Networks – when they don’t function the way we think they do

Networks surround us on a daily basis, and they come in many shapes and forms. Our first thought when we hear the word ‘networks’ can be technological in nature, telephone networks, broadcasting networks, network cables, etc; however, there are other forms that networks can take such as the social networks we form within our communities and the ecological networks that shape our natural world.  

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