Whispers of Beginnings and Echoes of Endings: Embracing the Power of Prologues and Epilogues

A book lies open on a bed with fairy lights spread across the open pages.

2023 Anthology submissions are now open!

From the first words that beckon us into a new world to the final phrases that linger long after the story has concluded, the prologue and the epilogue captivate and profoundly resonate with us  

The prologue immerses us in tantalising introductions, setting the stage for the stories to follow. These opening passages captivate our imagination and draw us into intrigue, suspense, and wonder. 

The epilogue showcases the art of closure and skilful weaving of narrative threads, leaving a lasting impression on the reader. It brings to light the catharsis of resolved conflicts, the completion of character arcs, and the revelation of hidden truths, making the conclusion of each story a memorable experience. 

When life unfolds like the pages of a book, we experience the excitement of embarking on a new chapter or the bittersweet closure of turning the final page. Prologues and epilogues serve as the gateways to these transformative moments, guiding us through the narratives of our lives and offering insights into the experiences.  

What do prologues and epilogues mean to you? How do they influence the stories you craft and the messages they carry?  

We are excited to announce that submissions for the 2023 USYD anthology are now open, and this year’s topic is ‘Prologue & Epilogue’. We invite you to submit your most imaginative works that show the spirit of prologues and epilogues! 

Submissions can be up to 5000 words of prose or five poems that focus on the theme. The deadline for submission is 31 July 2023. This is your chance to be featured in a published book, so let the creativity flow! We can’t wait to explore the talent and creativity of the University of Sydney community.

Submit your work here!