When Simple Pleasures Become Complex

Simple pleasures can be, well, simple.

They can be relaxing in a bubble bath after a long day, or drinking cocktails over dinner with friends. They can be things that would fit right at home on a Pinterest board. But they can also be complex.

They can be forcing yourself out of bed after days of feeling under the weather, or drinking your first glass of water for the day because you can’t avoid it anymore. They can be taking your medication on time, or taking a shower when you just really can’t be bothered.

Simple pleasures get harder to enjoy when they become necessary. Little, simple pleasures look like huge, insurmountable challenges, like a knight fighting a dragon in a far-off kingdom. But just like the knight puts on her armour, finds a map, and sets off on her journey, we get out of bed, change out of our pajamas, and go to work.

Because simple pleasures can be simple, they can be complex, but at the end of the day, everyone needs them, however contrived that may seem. Whether it’s out of celebration or desperation, performing those little tasks to improve your day is essential. They’re the difference between staying still, and moving forward.

The key lies in knowing yourself. Knowing when you need your simple pleasures, knowing how you need them, knowing when you should give yourself a pat on the back for simply getting through the day. Because so often, we are critical on ourselves where we would be supportive of others. Giving yourself the recognition, whether it’s for a new life milestone or simply getting out of bed, changes everything.

All this to be said, embrace your simple pleasures, whatever they may be. Because one day or another, you’ll need them.

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