The plot twist – submission deadline extended! 

Also known as the surprise ending, the plot twist can either be the most frustrating or exciting literary device out there! In this case, we hope our own plot twist is of the exciting kind – we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to our 2023 USYD Anthology! Now those of you who weren’t quite able to polish off your masterpieces will have until 31 August to submit them. 

Stop letting those story ideas collect dust in your mind! Now’s the time to get them down off that dusty shelf and to discover that what you’ve kept hidden isn’t the pile of trash that you thought but a sumptuous meal that must be shared.  

But perhaps this isn’t you. Maybe there’s no story idea just waiting in some hidden corner of your mind. Perhaps our chosen theme – beginnings and endings – has intrigued you but you’re coming up blank on what to write. If this is the case, never fear! The previous blog contains a list of prompts to inspire and motivate your writing journey. And if that isn’t enough, perhaps you can take some inspiration from this blog post itself, for isn’t the plot twist just another kind of ending? What makes the plot twist so frustrating yet so exciting? Have there been any plot twists in your own life? 

We have full faith that you have the talent and ambition to write something amazing before the deadline on 31 August. We can’t wait to start reading! Submit your work here.