Hindi/English Indian

Excerpt from Hindi/English Indian by Rhea L Nath, Student Anthology Diversity 2019.

twenty-one years I have lived in this country, 

still I take a minute to read the signs: 

‘Saav-dhan, aa-ge an-dha mod hai’

‘drive … slow’ this dumb mind translates. 

my foot responds with the slow release of the accelerator, 

perfectly mimicking my (slow) understanding

‘krip-ya dhee-re chali-ye’ I mouth, feeling utterly foreign.


on occasion, I curse my friends that smile

at the five-second delay for my tongue

to curl itself into the right angles. 

bhaiyya’ becomes ‘bhaaya’ in my convoluted speech, 

and men become women

when my vocabulary fails me. 

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