What is Power?


What does power mean to you? Does the word mean something different to the person sitting next to you? What about someone living in another country or era? What does it mean for women and men? How do we perceive its effect here and now: online, interstate or overseas?

The vast imbalance of global economic and political power coupled with exponential growth in networked, globalised technology has supercharged the term with more electricity and complexity than ever before.

It has accelerated change and promoted innovation, in media and communications technology and medical and scientific research. We are a more educated globalised society than ever, and the proliferation of 24-hour news means we are never short of news stories: on war, poverty, global warming, business conglomeration, nuclear power and radical ideology.

For many of us, living in an uncertain world is a reality we accepted long ago. For some, the advent of a utopian or dystopian future is not far off, if not an unavoidable result of living in a capitalist world. If we look at power as an ideological notion that suppress and self-governs us, we can see the creative power that language allows. Words have power. Now it’s your turn. Write for us.

By Liv Gorman

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