Living Twice

The 2023 USYD Anthology, Living Twice, was officially launched last month and is now available to buy from our online store

On the day of the launch, we held an event on the USYD campus where our publishing team finally met all the lovely authors they’d been corresponding with last year. 

That’s one of the best parts of being involved in the USYD Anthology – getting to meet and form connections with diverse people from all walks of life. Of course, getting your work published is quite neat, too!

There is also something truly special about hearing a story from the author’s own lips, and we had the honour of hearing four authors read excerpts from their stories at the launch event. 

If you want to be involved in this year’s anthology and form connections with a diverse range of creatives, then we encourage you to submit work for this year’s USYD Anthology. The theme this year is belonging.

Words by Holly Ford