The author of your story

Every life has a beginning and an ending. This is a universal truth; it is constant, reliable and perhaps a bit frightening because with every beginning there is the potential for setbacks and pain. But does every life hold only one beginning? Is death the only ending we will ever encounter? Of course not.  

Although the starting and ending points of our lives are inevitable, we have the freedom to choose our own endings. A story’s beginning does not necessarily determine its ending, but it does lay the foundation for it. Each person is the author of their own story – of their own beginnings and endings. 

But what do we do in the in-between moments? When the beginning is over, do we just wait for the ending? It is what happens between the prologue and epilogue that determines how a book will end. Will the protagonist seize their own ending, or surrender to their bad beginning? Will you? 

We are still welcoming submissions for the 2023 USYD Anthology. Submit your work, drawing on the theme of prologues and epilogues, here.