Fun-Sized Diversity

Excerpt from Fun-Sized Diversity by Mohammad Awad, Student Anthology Diversity 2019.


are much like your cultural dishes; 

You have no taste. 

You prefer 


To my cousins. 


when I speak

I don’t have the accent 


At least not as much as 

the rest of               them,

Not as rough

around the edges 


I trim my beard,

Don’t wear my cultural gear

and when I teach you the proper way to say


It falls on deaf ears. 

Because of my lighter skin

Despite my ethnic origins

I’m easier to swallow.

To consume.

A walking, talking

Confetti of Culture

Pristinely packaged

to tell your friends you’ve managed

To catch another one, 

Like I’m your fucking Pokémon. 


FUN-SIZED: Diversity Package. 

Keep my Identity

in your pocket,

Pull it out

When it suits


Really don’t understand what discrimination feels like. 

How it tastes, bitter on your tongue

like biting on the forbidden apple,

much like Snow White’s

evil Step-Mum 


are the Problem,

disguising yourself as the Solution.

You truly do still desire to be the Fairest

of them all. 

Even when you desire

Ethnic features,

they are only desirable on Ivory skin,

Shame brown women for their bodies

while you purchase an upgrade to thick-slim, 

You have spent so long

Telling each other think-thin,

It is not our fault

The West has fallen

out of Love

with its kin. 

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