The little ordinary things in the world have the power to change our lives. A car, like the many I see every day, once became an agent of destruction when it smashed into me and altered the course of my life. A cardigan with a rip in it I’d been meaning to mend once saved me from death. The cup of coffee I ordered each morning once made my soul light up, because of the person who bought it for me. It takes the right moment, or the right series of moments, but at various points in my life, some little thing that I have taken for granted leaps out of the little box life puts it in and becomes fantastical.

Then there are the other times, when I create imaginary worlds in my head, and there, the fantastical is the ordinary. Houses flying through the sky are commonplace. Fish become members of parliament; cats take evening classes at universities, mice run the train lines, and everyone considers this normal, because in my writing, in the world I made up myself, the unusual can be—is—the everyday.


– Christine Purvis

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