Looking back – 2015’s USyd Anthology


Our theme for 2016 is “CONNECTIONS”. We’re wondering – what types of links do you see in the world around you? Connections of circumstance?

“‘Where there are cockroaches, there are artists,’
Said somebody, sometime…”
“Standing Still”, Connie Neighbour

Do you see connections forged by travel, people meeting and separating and collecting stories which float along in their wake?

‘But, wait! If you are travelling to planet Catilia-7, then perhaps you have heard the story of the boy who wanted to be an astronaut. No? Well, you mustn’t be allowed to leave for there without it. If you can spare a moment, take a seat, and allow me the privilege. It begins with the birth of a boy on the surface of a planet whose name I can’t pronounce, but the boy is called Direnco. I think…’
“The Astronaut’s Daughter”, Steph Moriarty

Or perhaps connections built on culture, binding us together, but also keeping us separate?

‘They ask me out

They ask me out

White guys       Black guys       Brown guys

They ask my lingerie out

Made in China

I say there are pimples on my face

They say no worries…’

“Pimples”, Bingying Deng

Whatever connections your mind may make, we want to hear about them. Submit to the University of Sydney Anthology for 2016 – accepting submissions of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and images until the 31st of August.


All quotes are from Imprint, The University of Sydney Student Anthology for 2015.