2021 Sydney University Student Anthology






Networks Whereabouts – Writing Prompt

When I think of networks, I start to snowball in my mind what that really means and where people find their own networks. Networks is such a broad topic; you can really work it into anything. So, whereabouts do you feel the essence of networks?

People linking wrists together in a circle

Community Networks

When I think of networks, I think of communities. And after more than eighteen months of COVID nothing has become more visible to me than the importance of my local community.

Networks in Nature – Writing Prompt

The theme of Sydney University’s 2021 Anthology is ‘Networks’. Students, staff and alumni are encouraged to interpret this theme in their own way. While we often associate the term ‘networks’ with technology and the ways we, as humans, connect with the help of technology, networks are also ever present in nature and the world around us. The natural world is made up of an incalculable number of complex systems, or networks, from a flock of birds, mushroom mycelium, schools of fish, ant hills and human brains. All these entities have a complex co-operative behaviour, the ability to pass information and energy, feedback, and hierarchal structures, or in other words, they are networks.

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