2021 Sydney University Student Anthology






Caught in the Net

Humans are innately social creatures, since birth and a young age, our development is centred around connections with others – first familial relationships, and then larger social networks in which we belong. We thrive off such relationships, and when they’re removed that can lead to problems of loneliness, as we touched on in last week’s blog post.  

Feeling Off the Grid

e a vital part of human life. I’m not talking about Instagram or Twitter, but rather the more profound, timeless interpersonal bonds between people. For many, the pandemic, and global experiences of isolation and lockdowns, have illuminated the essential role these social networks play in our wellbeing.

Networks of the Mind

I like to think of the mind as a network, a web of thoughts, ideas and memories that interconnect and weave together to create one whirring system. It is a network of ideas constantly buzzing between one thought and the next. We can often get lost in our mind as an insignificant thought can take you down a long and winding path that leads to great things or maybe just a dead end.

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